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Check out Freebuild, the server meant for BUILDING. The shop allows players to easily obtain any material they need to build the most epic buildings ever !!
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Welcome to survival the closest your get to vanilla from us, with full grief protection and few plugins added apart from the essentials. Survival is the ultimate minecraft experience and is fun for old and new.
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Stream TONIGHT 30/11/13

Stream TONIGHT 30/11/13

We are streaming tonight - Click read on for more INFO
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Help us improve

Help us improve

Give us your feedback on the site, the servers, and the new systems were putting in place, we want you to help us out.
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Bye Guys

This will be kept short guys, I really don’t know what to say.

Hello everyone, today I have to be the one to break bad news, which in total honesty, is my doing. As staff we have collectively made the decision to stop the server, recently we have all been very tired of minecraft and to be totally honest, the plans we had put in place for the servers really relied on more players, which without advertisement or youtubers/streamers wasn’t going to happen. We all worked very hard in the first few months to try and keep the server where it was and make it grow, but unfortunately with little time and a lack of “fun” for us, we failed. We would like to apologise to everyone we have let down, but also thank everyone for the best year and a half we have ever have, you guys will never be forgotten. Who knows, we might even be back in the future, but for now Goodbye. Again sorry we have to go, and thanks for all you support.


Cieron, Dommy, Marn, Ben, Reb and Locy





Hey guys, this is just a quick update on servers and their launch dates.

The plan is to do a soft launch tomorrow any/all donater will be added to the server whitelist and the ip will be posted here, this will allow us to find any bugs or dupes etc and put in place solutions to stop them. Then this weekend of Friday/Saturday the official launch will take place in which the whitelist will be removed. We have tried to do this as fair as possible and appologise if this is an inconvenience to anyone.




Pack: FTB horizons

Server IP:

If you plan on donating to be able to join the server, you will be automatically whitelisted when you donate, if you are already a donator and would like to join the FTB server please contact cieronph via “cieronph1995″ on skype or via the @Phunkeymonkehserver twitter account. Thank you

Streaming server Work

Hey guys we will be having streams running throught this weekend to celebrate the new year, to start us off I will be streaming  work on the new server over on , this will last a few hours, then later rebbebiz will be streaming a super fun stream over on . We hope you enjoy the weekends entertainment and can join us for some. :D .

Quiet few weeks from me

Hey guys, so this is probably the last post your see from me until at least January, this is due to a mix of things, that I wont go into, but basically real life has taken over (I knew it would) and I just don’t have time to sort this out as-well. The servers will remain up (so long as the donations keep coming in) and the other staff will continue to sort out the servers. I will still be around but not as much as I am currently, before I leave, The forums will be released, the plugins will all be upto date, and the staff will be able to sort anything you may need. So bye guys for the next month or to, and i’ll see you soon. -Cieron

Plans Plans and more Frickin Plans

Hey guys so today I’m going to release a few more details about our plans today, so here we go, im going to tell you all the dates stuff is going to get released, 1 so you guys expect it, 2 so we HAVE to do it. So on the 4th of April 2014 our new “Factions” like server will be released, this will be a totally new twist on normal factions and we will release details ASAP. We will also be releasing an FTB server on February 14th , in which we will be doing something a bit different. This is all Im going to give you guys for the moment, but slowly more info will be come out.



Stream Tonight

Rebbebiz going to be streaming again tonight at


Hey guys, cieron here, just wanted to let you know, that some “forums” will be going up for a while, they too will be getting some re-works but for now they will be fine. Sorry for lack of updates recently, we have all been very busy in the run up to christmas

Server Downtime

Expect server downtime between 6-8pm GMT on Sunday 8th of December, this is due to some major network updates we need to do in order to change the way servers load/un-load we apologise for this and hope that this will be the last time something like this has to happen in the next few months.


If you have be banned, applications are temporarily un-avalible, we apologise for this and will have the appeal system back up and running soon.

Stream Tonight




Hi guys Official stream tonight, on